We started this website to share the love we have for the only bank who dares to do things really different with everybody who wants to hear it.

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  1. Hi bunq.love. Recently bunq changed their policy regarding the address and it is no longer possible to change the address to an Italian one. However I found a workaround which is really simple.

    Step 1: download bluestacks for windows
    Step 2: download the Bunq app
    Step 3: go into bluestacks settings and change the location to an Italian one (this can be found in settings and then at the bottom bar there is a button to change the location) do not forget to click on SET!
    Step 4: open the Bunq app, login with your account.
    Step 5: change the address to an Italian one (just like in your description)
    Step 6: order the Italian cards
    Step 7: change the address back to your own one.

    Step 8: change iphone region to Italy.
    Step 9: when you receive your cards repeat steps 3 and 5.
    Step 10: activate Apple Pay
    Step 11: repeat step 7

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