How to add an Italian bunq card to your non-Italian wallet

Warning: There has been a change that requires you to verify your location with GPS. Because of this change, the instructions have been updated.

Last Update: August 11th, 2018

Note : If you have questions, please ask your question on our forum.

  1. Set your phone region to Italy
  2. Reboot your phone
  3. Open the bunq app and go to the cards
  4. Click on the card to activate it and activate it using the code you received your physical card
  5. When you activated your card, the next question is to enable Apple Pay
  6. When you press the Enable Apple Pay button you get a screen which mentions that you live in an incorrect region. Press back and then cancel (on the Enable Apple Pay).
  7. Go to your cards en click the Card Number to copy your card number. (you need it later)
  8. Now open your Apple Wallet and click the ‘+’ sign.
  9. Click on Enter Card Details Manually to manually add your bunq card.
  10. Now enter your name and paste your Card Number and press Next.
  11. Now go to the bunq app again and generate (or remember) the CVC code that comes with the card you want to add.
  12. Go back to the Apple Wallet and enter the Security (CVC) code and the correct expiry date of your card and press Next.
  13. Now just finish the wizard and if the it finishes successfully, you can find your bunq card in your Wallet on your iPhone (or Watch)
  14. If you just added your card to your iPhone, you can use the Watch App to add it to the Wallet on your Watch. Note that you have to change the region of your Watch to Italian also (only when adding your card).
  15. When you are done adding your Italian bunq card to your non-Italian Apple Wallet, you can switch back your phone region to your own country.
  16. Please also switch back the country in the bunq app profile to your own country, so bunq knows now to reach you if they want to ship something to you.