How to add an Italian bunq card to your non-Italian wallet

Warning: There has been a change that requires you to verify your location with GPS. Because of this, you can’t change your address to an Italian one at the moment.

  1. Set your phone region to Italy
  2. Reboot your phone
  3. Open the bunq app and go to the cards
  4. Click on the card to activate it and activate it using the code you received your physical card
  5. When you activated your card, the next question is to enable Apple Pay
  6. When you press the Enable Apple Pay button you get the following screen. When you then press the Show me how to fix it!, it just shows you the article on Together telling you that you can only use this from Italy and Spain
  7. Press back and then cancel (on the Enable Apple Pay). Follow these steps to change your country, from within the bunq App, to Italy again.
  8. When you have the country (in the bunq App) set to Italy again, we can continue.
  9. Go to your cards en click Apple Pay on the card you just activated
  10. You have to scan your hand to authenticate
  11. Now you can add your card to your Apple Wallet and use it with Apple Pay
  12. When you click on Add to Apple Wallet you can add your card to the Wallet on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Just follow the steps in the wizard to add your card.
  13. When the wizard is finished successful, you can find your bunq card in your wallet on your iPhone (or Watch)
  14. If you just added your card to your iPhone, you can use the Watch App to add it to the Wallet on your Watch. Note that you have to change the region of your Watch to Italian also (only when adding your card).
  15. When you are done adding your Italian bunq card to your non-Italian Apple Wallet, you can switch back your phone region to your own country.
  16. Please also switch back the country in the bunq app profile to your own country, so bunq knows now to reach you if they want to ship something to you.