How to order an Apple Pay enabled bunq card

Warning: There has been a change that requires you to verify your location with GPS. Because of this, you can’t change your address to an Italian one at the moment.

  1. Open the bunq App and go to your profile page
  2. Change the address so it will be recognized as an Italian one:
    • Set the country to Italy
    • Add a zero in front of the four digits of your postal code
    • Add the two letters of your postal code in front of the city name.
    • Add the Netherlands just after the city name.
  3. Now just order a new card the way you always do (both cards work : maestro and mastercard)
  4. Go to your Profile when you’re done and click on My Membership

  5. Select the just created invoice to validate that the Country states Italy or IT (in the image below)
  6. Go back to your profile and change your address back to your real address.
  7. Your Italian bunq card will be delivered to your own address in a couple of days.
  8. If you want to check the delivery date, you can check your cards for the estimated delivery date