Why bunq?

There are a number of things that come back every time when the advantages of bunq are discussed. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • 25 real bank accounts / savings accounts (all with their own IBAN)
  • Request up to 3 bank cards (Maestro and/or Mastercard debit)
  • Connect any of the 3 bank cards  to any of the (up to) 25 bank accounts, just from within the app
  • Dual PIN (so 2 PIN codes per card, PIN1 for bank account #1, PIN2 for bank account #2)
  • Change the PIN of your bunq card from within the App
  • Instant creation of Joint Accounts (for 2 or more individuals!)
  • Instant creation of the ‘normal’ Connect accounts which you can use for a group vacation or your room mates in your student house)
  • Total control of Direct Debits (you can whitelist them up to a certain amount, manually approve them every time or redirect them to one of your other bunq accounts)
  • Pay online with your Mastercard Debit card (where iDeal or Sofort isn’t accepted)
  • API
  • Never need a card reader again to do your online banking. You only need the App.
  • Send payment requests to friends (also if they don’t have bunq themselves) through mail, SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
  • Easily ‘charge’ your bank account from every other Dutch bank (through iDeal), the money arrives in your account in a few seconds (24h a day, 365 days a year)
  • From within the App create your own ‘donation page’ with bunq.me.
  • Your money is really your money. bunq doesn’t invest with your money (except in government bonds, this is obligatory by DNB).
  • Your money is covered by the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme and your balance is guaranteed to €100,000 euro, as with any other bank
  • No bonuses will be paid; All employees receive a fixed fee
  • Apple Pay